Martin O'Malley

Motto: All that I needs is within me now!


Coaching and Mentoring of middle and senior managers in both manufacturing and service industries since 1998.


My style combines probing questions and active listening enabling a synergy of results.

Vzdělání a kvalifikace

Systemic Coach; Systemický institut -

Výcvik koučování II. – Osobnost profesionálního kouče

Profesní zkušenosti

My approach to coaching;

After years as a manager in multinational companies, I enjoy helping individuals find their own resources; I believe in the power of the solution-focused approach. I focus more on the possibility of solving issues rather than dwelling on their causes.

Coaching is for me a way to help people in companies build excellent working relationships that lead to exceptional performance. It is a process that can focus both on developing specific work skills and addressing personal issues affecting work performance. Individual coaching can also serve as a preparation for progress in the corporate hierarchy.

When working with a group, coaching enables rapid change, affects workplace relationships and strengthens motivation and commitment. This all contributes to increasing the efficiency of the company.